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Program package

The scholarship program will run over a 1 year duration. Over this duration we try to cover not only personal training plans, but also an education lesson plan that covers useful information that any shooter may need.

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What We Do

Package worth 


Clays going to be shot
at our home range 


Over 40 lessons going to be run


 Free cartridges going 


Why we started the scholarship 

We started the scholarship due 

to the lack of support that we saw in the shooting industry , and the amount of talented shooters we saw giving up shooting because they could not find the support they needed.

We did not want to wait until we had finished our own shooting careers to starting giving back to the sport. We want to be proactive to keep our sport alive for the next generations now. 

We have created a shooting support package that will cover all aspects of shooting that the athletes would need. 


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