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  • How much does it cost ?
    The hillfort sporting scholarship is a free program that has been started to help support young shooters to keep our sport alive and products happy successful shooters.
  • What level of shooting experience do you need ?
    This program has been design to support any level of shooter.From beginner to advanced As long as they are interested in Olympic trap. only requirement is that they are holders of a shotgun licences
  • What ages do you take ?
    Hillfort sporting scholarship is a junior shooting scholarship program. we take any shooter up to the age of 21. This is the international junior shooting age.
  • What happens after I have applied ?
    After your have applied we will not get back to you until the c losing date of the applications. we will then short list the applicants. The shortlisted athletes will then be invite to shoot with us for the day. this gives then and us a chance to get to know them and ask some more questions.
  • When is the deadline ?
    The application open on the 1st November 2022 and close 1st December 2022
  • What is an FAQ section?
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