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We are very excited to be the first scholarship program of our kind in the UK shooting industry. We believe that the next generation of shooters needs to be looked after and supported.


We have designed an all-inclusive shooting program for our lucky 4 shooters to take part in.  We believe in equal opportunity therefore there will be 2 junior girls and 2 junior boys on the scholarship program 


The focus of the scholarship is to educate and cultivate young shooters in order to prepare them for high-level competition.

We believe that a happy shooter produces good results, so we always focus on our young athletes having fun whilst learning.  


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Our scholarship sponsors for clay traps and clays is promatic a British brand with a worldwide reputation for their Olympic traps.


We are lucky enough to have our own Olympic trap range at hillfort sporting


Scholarship Package

We have designed an all-inclusive shooting package that will cover the needs of a young shooter, we have partnered with some of the best brands in the industry to help support our junior athletes.


Clever Grand Italia cartridges 

Promatic Olympic Trap layout/ Eurotarget Clays 

Vario Hearables hearing protection 

Starkey Outdoor Pilla eyewear

Castellani shooting accessories 

TM Sports Therapy, athlete physical management.

Hillfort Sporting Coaching, mentoring and support program, Team Kit,  and educational lesson program.